Wieldstrom Museum
Wieldstrom Museum

A large building based in the city of Wulverberg.  Contains Guards.

Area Related Quests:

Thieves Guild Quests


If you are going to the Wieldstrom Museum to complete one of the Thieves Guild Quests, where you must steal one of the Obelisks, there are some important things you need to note.  The Wieldstrom Museum has 2 different versions of itself created by the Module developer for 2 different purposes.

One is the daytime version and the other is the night time version.   The daytime version is for show.  Players can use the day time visiting times to view/scout out the layout of the Museum.  Obviously this is a bad time to steal things from a Museum and the game will let you know that if you attempt it.  The Night time Museum is for thieves to break into. It’s where all of the quest action takes place and it will allow you to steal the Obelisk.

To enter the Museum at night you need to enter via the side door, not the front door, by picking the lock. This should get you into a large Office.  The Door from the Office into the rest of the Museum will automatically be locked during the day and cannot be unlocked.  The door will automatically unlock during the Night Time, whereby letting you in to the main areas of the Museum that are guarded. 

Note that the script that detects whether or not it is night or day time can be a bit slow.  Usually it kicks in around about 8pm.

It is also important to note that simply waiting around in the museum during the day won’t work, because as already mentioned, the developer had to make 2 different versions of the Museum.  You need to access the appropriate version of the Museum via the corresponding door.  The Front door accesses the Day time non-quest version of the Museum areas and the side Door accesses the Night time quest version of the Museum areas.  If you don’t enter the Museum at night via the side door, you will never be able to steal the Obelisk.