Creature Beholder

Vrartalath Arthe Drem'mareth - Walkers of the NightEdit

Wulverheim has only recently encountered the Dark-skinned races of Underdark, as they arose from their secret caverns after a war undergrounds... A war in which they were the losing side. Once three violently opposed races, the Illythiri, the Duergar and the Svirfnebli waged war upon eachother for untold generations, their mutual animosities and and prejudices pressing each into war against the other. Throughout their war they did not realise that they were being expertly manipulated by outsiders, the Illithid. Things had reached a stalemate with the three societies decimated by unremitting hatred and incessant war, when a young Svirfnebili made the discovery of the Illithid interference. Word was sent via slaves to the other races, and a temporary truce was called to discover the truth. Working in alliance for the first time in a millenia, the elite troopers discovered the depth of their trouble; The Illithids and their minions were allied with the Beholder and thier kin to take over the Underdark.

The allied troops rushed to report their findings to their respective leaders, but were met with derision and distrust, with the occasional accusation of 'consorting with the enemy'. To those from the allied elite troops it was painfully obvious that the Illithids were trying desperately to cover up their plans. Unfortunately for the three races, it worked. Two days after the allied elites returned, the Illithids and Beholders attacked all three cities simultaneously, wantonly destroying eons of cultural history and thousands of people in an orgy of mayhem and raw destruction the likes of which had not been witnessed in living memory. To the survivors, the night became known as "Drem'mareth del kralvermiloth" - The Night of final Darkness". Those of the elite that survived managed to lead their ruined and distraught kinsmen towards the surface, away from the overpowering alliance that now ruled the depths...