Quest Plot:

Thorgunna was a royal courier for the province of Wulverheim, but now she has quit. Apparently travelling the roads is simply too dangerous. She cannot bear to face Duke Báro with the bad news herself, so she has written a letter of resignation and will pay the player to deliver it to him. Duke Báro will be available to see in the great hall of his castle during the day.

Quest Details:

Duke Báro will then offer the player a job as the new Royal Courier of Wulverheim and they can choose to accept or reject the offer. If the players accept then they can travel from town to town delivering whatever letters the sovereigns of Wulverheim require and get paid 100gp and 250XP for every delivery.

This is an infinite quest that cycles over and over.

Thorgunna can be found in The Buccaneers Bodice Inn, located at the Gallimere Dock's at the beginning of the Game.