Purukian Relics: Relic of Revival

Thabrarmus is the shopkeeper of Abjurations and Conjurations in Liascelyn. He would like to show the players his special stock, if the players do him a favour. He seeks a special magical Purukian Relic called the Relic of Revival, which is a pair of gloves that have the power to bring the dead back to life.

Thabrarmus will inform the players that the Relic was rumoured to be in one of the Purukian City Ruins somewhere in the west side region of Wulverheim, closest to Liascelyn. Though which one exactly he isn’t sure. The players will however find the Relic in Epiblepo, which is an ancient Purukian City Ruin in the North East region of Welwyn Valley.

Upon returning the Relic of Revival to Thabrarmus, he will grant them access to his special shop supply.