Duke Báro has said that King Steinolf has put the town of Gallimere in charge of cleaning up an Orc raid at a small village called Griffins Gate. The village is located by River Burly Griffin just north west of Gallimere.

The village is based right near Wulverheims borders, where it meets up with the Orcish territory of Thrakkal-Varn. This is why it is commonly prone to attacks from raiding Orc parties. The Orcs don’t normally bother with anything other than small raids, but this time things are worse. Scouts report that there is a large army of Orcs devastating the village and they are making their stay more permanent.

Soldiers have been sent from Gallimere to attempt to fight off the Orc Horde and discourage them from spreading to Gallimere, but it is not enough. The Duke needs a hero to help stand against these Orcs and bring down their leader.

Duke Báro will offer a large sum of Gold for the Head of the monstrous Orc Chief that is leading this evil horde of destruction. If the players are successful, they will be rewarded with 4000gp and 2000XP.

Once the players reach Griffins Gate, they will need to battle their way north until they come across Rockpoint cave. After a long dungeon crawl they will finally find the Orc Chief Rardoz Nogginsplitter.

There are 2 sub quests associated with this quest. They are ‘Griffins Gate survivors’ and ‘The Unexpected Rescue’.