Kod and his wife Tholin of the Buccaneer's Bodice Inn, in Gallimere Docks have an embarrassing rat problem and further more their Brewer is not only to blame but has gone missing.
Kod or Tholin will send the players to clear out the Brewery Cellar of rats and report any findings of their Brewer.

Kod and Tholin’s brewer, Stein developed a liking for pet rats but his mother wouldn’t let him keep one at home, so he managed to talk Kod and Tholin in to letting him keep one at work in the Cellar. Stein promised that he would take good care of the rat and make sure things wouldn’t get out of hand, however it appears he was completely incapable of keeping that promise. Now the cellar is infested with a whole family of vicious rats and Stein is nowhere to be seen!

Kod and Tholin will reward the players 100gp and 1000XP for clearing the cellar of rats and finding out what happened to Stein. As this is an ideal first quest for new players, the XP reward is very generous to help fresh characters in the game get levelled up.

The players will find Stein’s eaten skeletal corpse at the end of the cellar with a ring that the players can give to either Kod or Tholin as proof of his grim demise.