Blacksmith Aikanáro in Liascelyn

Aikanáro will agree to show players his special collection of arms and armour in exchange for finding him some raw Mithral ore. He will tell the players that there is likely a Mithral ore vein in Ariannog Mine, which is located in County Liascelyn North West region.

Ariannog Mine is still being worked by Elves and there will be a door that needs unlocking with a key from the miners. This door leads to the only area where a vein of Mithral ore exists. The Miners will not go down there because it will also lead into a lava cave infested with Fiery Lava Beetles. The vein of ore will be around there, but players will need to navigate the long volcanic Lava Beetle infested tunnels to get around a jammed door.

The players will be rewarded 1500XP and a Voucher to browse Aikanáro’s special merchandise whenever they please.