Blacksmith Ritik in Hammers head Keep - Chapel of Moradin

Ritik will agree to show players his special collection of arms and armour in exchange for finding him some raw adamantine ore. He will only go as far as telling the players that there will be an adamantine ore vein in one of the mines around the Slegge Crags.

The players will be able to find a vein of adamantine ore in a secret area located via Atryd's Mine, which is located in the Slegge Crags SE. It will be an active mine with dwarves working away and there will be a pile of rocks that need bashing down, that are blocking a doorway. This is a cave entrance that will lead into the Adamantine Caves filled with tough Adamantine Umber Hulks. After a long dungeon crawl involving a surprise attack and a puzzle to solve, there will be the vein of adamantine ore to find. It is being mined by Duergars led by a Mindflayer.

Ritik will reward the players 2000XP and a Voucher to browse his special merchandise whenever they please.