Blacksmith Ali in Wulverberg

Ali will agree to show players his special collection of arms and armour in exchange for finding him some raw darksteel ore. He will tell the players that there is likely a darksteel ore vein in Boltwood Mine, which is located in River Burly Griffin, North West.

Boltwood Mine is an active mine with miners from Wulverberg working away and there will be a pile of rocks that need bashing down, that are blocking a doorway. This doorway will lead to a collapsed mine shaft. Climbing down this leads into the Lost City of Golems, a forgotten Purukian Ruin full of Guardian Golems. As the players enter the mineshaft leading down, they might see the vein of Darksteel Ore beyond the collapsed rubble blocking the way. In order to get to it the players must navigate through the ruins full of aggressive Golems.

Ali will reward the players 1000XP and a Voucher to browse his special merchandise whenever they please.