Trud is a farmer that runs his cattle farm in County Gallimere Southwest. Unfortunately he cannot let his cows out to graze because there appears to be some sort of strange Honey Badger Invasion in the fields. Trud will reward players 60gp/XP for every 6 Honey Badger pelts turned in.

Also he would like players to find out where the Badgers are coming from and if possible put a stop to it for a further reward of 200GP and 500XP.

Players will discover a Sea hag, along with her spawn in the nearby Mager cave. The Sea hag will drop a diary to take to Trud for the reward. The diary will tell a story about how the Sea Hag used magic to disguise herself as a beautiful young woman to tempt Trud long ago. Instead of just breeding with him and eating him, she instead fell in love. However regardless of how beautiful her disguise, Trud still broke her heart, so now she seeks revenge by unleashing her pet Honey Badgers onto his grazing territory.