Iarl is Gallimere’s local Lighthouse man. Though at the moment he cannot do his job because his drinking habits have landed him in the deepest ocean of trouble.

A while back he became very drunk and collapsed. Whilst in a comatose state he allowed the lamp to go out, which caused a vessel to end up shipwrecked right by the lighthouse. This cost the lives of a Captain Starolf and all his crew who perished in the incident.

The angry ghosts of Captain Starolf and his crew now haunt the lighthouse looking for Iarl.

It is no longer safe for Iarl to stay at the lighthouse, so during the evenings he stays at the Rickety Inn in the centre of Gallimere. He has shown a lot of remorse for his actions and refuses to take another drink. All he wants now is his Lighthouse and his job back. He will send the players to face the Undead Crew to find the Ghost of Captain Starolf and persuade him to leave the premises.

The players will need to fight their way through The Drowned that are roaming the Lighthouse. The players will need to enter the basement, where at the end is the ghostly figure of Captain Starolf. There they can try to persuade him using various social skills.

If successful, Iarl will reward the players 100gp and 250XP.