Cracklewood Mine

A medium mine in County Gallimere, north. Contains Bandits. (Quest Related)


Bandits of the Silver Dagger
Lieutenant Sigmund at the Gallimere barracks will offer this. You would receive a reward of 160GP for every 8 Silver Daggers, 400GP for bandit leader's head from Lieutenant.

Mining for Alchemical Silver
If you ask better stock to Snorri, a blacksmith in Gallimere who owns Hammer and Tongs, this quest occurs. You need to find sample of Alchemical Silver raw ore for him to complete the quest. Proper vein at Mine's first level, look for northern section - And do not forget to bring a pickaxe. (Purchaseable from blacksmith himself.)


Stone of Recall
You will be teleported to Chapel of Selûne at Gallimere when you activate the Stone of Recall here.