The players will find the farmer, Solmund of Hazledale Farm in a rather distressed situation. He will tell them that his little girl, Thorfinna had strayed too far from the fields when she was chasing a rabbit. Before Solmund could catch up with her he saw her get taken by Goblins and dragged off towards the northeastern region of the Gull Coast. Solmund believes he knows of a Goblin cave in that area called Blacktooth Cave. If Thorfinna is still alive then that is where she will be.

Solmund says he does not have much gold to spare, but he does have a very valuable Sickle that his father passed on to him. He claims that it had some magical enchantment and whenever his farm was raided by orcs, it provided great aid in fending them off.

He says he will offer this Sickle as a reward if the players can find and rescue his daughter alive.

Upon finding and rescuing Thorfinna, the players will be rewarded 1500XP.
If the players return to Solmund he will reward the players with a further 50XP and Solmund’s Sickle that has a +2 enhancement bonus against Orcs, which is handy for the Orc Raid on Griffins Gate Quest. If the players decline the Sickle they will receive a Good alignment boost and an extra 250XP.